About us

Formosa Electrics is a Melbourne based solar company that wants to see every roof in Australia covered with solar panels.

How we began

We initially started out subcontracting to large solar sales companies, but quickly noticed the lack of genuine customer support from the sales process through to after sales care. 

Too many quoted systems had to be cancelled due to inexperienced sales consultants pushing products that did not suit customer needs e.g. A string inverter on a fully shaded roof. 

Companies would avoid phone calls/emails if something was wrong after receiving payment.

Our lightbulb decision

After witnessing this, we decided that customers needed a company that was honest, reliable and trustworthy; so we moved on to selling our own systems. This was the introduction of Formosa Electrics.


Now, we visit all sites for a pre-quote inspection every time. We like to meet our customers face to face to listen to their requests and concerns. 

We perform full electrical tests and shaded analysis as required. We provide honest, personalised advice and will never force a system onto a customer that they don’t need. 

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