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March 2020

Before installation:

Colorbond roofs can be tricky when installing solar panels.  Panels can be installed either as landscape or portrait configuration. Every brand of solar panel has a different clamping zone to sit on the mounting rail.

On a Colorbond roof, the screw lines will be guided by where the battens are. This generally means portrait configuration is not possible as there is not enough screw lines for two or three rows of panels.

One minor issue with installing in landscape configuration is the screw lines might end up outside of the panel causing exposed rail past the panels.  Apart from high quality installations, we also focus on aesthetics at Formosa Electrics. We prefer not to have the rail sticking out past the panel.  Extra bracing can be installed in the roof so that the rail is not exposed.

After installation:

Here installed is a 5kw Fronius Inverter, 19 x 350w Longi Solar Panels, Fronius Smart Meter with extra railing needed to install the panels in a landscape step type fashion giving a nice finish.

Customer Testimonial

“Exceptional Service and Installation”

I requested a Solar quote from Formosa after a referral from a work colleague. Joseph was very accommodating and punctual and measured up in the rain and then took a great deal of time explaining the options and the process.

I was very impressed and I signed up after receiving his quote the next day and the installation was then booked in for 2 weeks later.

Joseph and James were very professional with the installation, there were some changes on the day which resulted in an additional panel to get maximum solar gain. I have to say that I was blown away by the end result and the whole experience.

One of my fears and one of the reasons for my delay in not getting solar earlier was because of the horror stories you hear about installers and shoddy workmanship. Obviously there are some good guys out there and I found one - Formosa won’t let you down.

You can rest assured that with Joseph you will only get the best installation and service available anywhere. From the time I spent with him, you can see that every single one of his installations is done with the same care and exceptional standard that he would expect on his own house.

He is also very practical and will explain how to maximize your savings by installing a smart meter at the same time (a must with any Fronius Inverter). Highly recommend and very happy with the end result.

Thanks, Joseph!


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