How we saved this client $2500 over 12 months

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Beaconsfield Upper

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September 2019

Project description

This customer delayed solar installation for a long time because they didn’t believe it would be financially worthwhile. Does this sound familiar? This property had no gas and the daily consumption was 51kwh, so solar was a no brainer.

Shading analysis

This house was surrounded by plenty of trees and so we performed a shading analysis with our trusty SunEye shading tool. Results revealed 23% annual shading and only 40% solar access in June. With a budget in mind, a SolarEdge system was selected.

Power Optimisers

Traditional PV systems consists of PV panels wired together in a series, much like Christmas tree lights. If a single panel underperforms for any reason (e.g. cloud cover, shading, dust or dirt), the remaining panels on that string also underperform, reducing energy production across the whole string.

In a SolarEdge installation, each PV panel is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimiser. Power optimisers maximise solar energy production from each panel separately and therefore reduce power losses. If an individual panel underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of the other panels in the string.

Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every panel, and exceptional safety features.

To combat the high usage of 51kwh and with the restrictions of 5kwper phase, we upgraded the mains from single-phase to three-phase mains and installed 3 x 5kw SolarEdge Inverters with 17.4kw of panels in the form of58 Longi All Black 300w panels.  With the limitations of shade, this system had an estimated annual solar production of 55kwh daily.  

For the three inverters to communicate with each other, a SolarEdge Modbus meter was also installed to allow viewing of energy consumption and production. 

With such high daily usage, we took it one step further and installed two Solar Analytics monitoring units allowing us to monitor 7 individual circuits.


Over a year since the installation, the customer has saved over $2,500 and counting.  The customer continues to have high usage with the ducted air conditioning, but since installing Solar and Solar Analytics monitoring, they have cut down on electric heater usage and attempting to use their power inside the solar window for maximum savings.

Customer Testimonial

“Perfect experience from the Site inspection to the grid connection”

All the positive reviews below are spot on, nothing to fault with Formosa Electrics. True professionals in every aspect.

Joseph from Formosa Electrics said that he completes a site inspection on all installs and I'm glad that he did. He arrived on-site with a shading tool (Suneye) and did a solar access analysis. This showed us that in winter we would only have 50% Solar Access due to surrounding trees. From this Formosa Electrics advised we go with an optimised system and recommended SolarEdge as it means that every panel works independently of the others. Without having this assessment we could have just had an ineffective Solar System on our roof.

We also had Solar Analytics installed to allow us to work out where our high usage was coming from as Solar Analytics allows you to monitor individual circuits, as a result, our 84kwh daily consumption has come down to around 10kwh daily imported from the grid and we have already saved $1000 in 3months.

They were not the cheapest for a comparable (identical) spec system but I felt absolute confidence that I would have a quality installation and a longer-term partnership should we have any problems or want to upgrade in the future. When deciding to spend the extra money on these guys I was hoping for the best but once they were on site the money was forgotten.

I generally don't like leaving reviews, but this business deserves one, more business operating like Formosa Electrics are needed. Would recommend them to anyone thinking of having solar installed


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