Sue (Beaconsfield Upper)

Customer Name:


Project Size:



Beaconsfield Upper

Month installed:

March 2020

Before installation:

With a daily average usage of 39kwh and no gas on-site, this customer was looking to reduce their electricity bills. There was also a disconnected broken solar hot water system that had to be removed.

We removed of the redundant solar hot water panels on the roof and the storage unit for this customer on the day of installation.

After installation:

A 12.6kw solar system was installed with a 10kw Fronius Symo Inverter, 36 x 350w Longi solar panels with Clenergy All Black “Hollywood” racking. 

6 months after installation, electricity bills have been reduced by 30% during winter. We look forward to seeing further savings when summer comes around.

Customer Testimonial

Joseph gave us a great deal of his time and knowledge.  We are learning as we go and he is so patient.  The workmanship was fantastic.  Our panels look very impressive. Highly recommended


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