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November 2019

Before installation:

When discussing solar with this customer, they had already decided on specific products (Enphase/QCell) to use. The customer only had very minor shading issues, but wanted high quality products to minimise any that they wouldn’t have to worry about. 

The customer informed us of the roof restoration work planned and wanted solar installation afterwards. Knowing about the restoration work, we were able to work with the customer to complete the roof work before the restoration and complete the panel installation after the restoration. 

With a tile roof, every tile has to be grinded so that the tile sits flat once the racking feet have been installed. If the roof had just been painted this would mean that we would be breaking the seal of the paint by taking the tile out to grind it.

After installation:

We were flexible to work on a weekend to run the cable, grind tiles and install the racking feet. After the restoration was complete, solar panel installation followed.

In total 17 x IQ7+ Enphase Microinverters were installed with QCells 325w solar panels. In just under a year ,the customer has consumed 54% of their total energy from solar with 87% of the solar produced going to the grid.

Customer Testimonial

“Formosa Electrics Highly recommended!”

The sales and quoting process was excellent.

Formosa Electrics representative Joseph came on site at a time that was suitable for me. We discussed options as I have very little east facing roof. I had done my research (thanks to Finn and team for making that easy) and wants quotes on two different brands of panel and Enphase micro inverters. This was no problem. I was also getting my roof restored before the panels would go up.

Joseph suggested putting in all the panel footings BEFORE the roof restoration/repainting. Great suggest and that is what he did. Roof restoration took weeks longer than expected (due to some unexpected problems). Joseph kept in touch all the way through the roofing work, gave me excellent documentation regarding applying for the Vic solar rebate.

When it came time to put the panels up, Joseph and his team had them up in about 4 hours. It was great. He hooked up the Enphase monitoring, I downloaded the app and hey presto! Visibility of what was being produced, consumed, exported!!!! Really glad to have found Solar Quotes and through Solar Quotes a quality local installer. Rebate and STCs made the system affordable.


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